Pouring Solid Colognes

Alfred Lane has been crafting solid colognes since 2013. Rafael Hernandez, a designer with a passion for quality products, sought to elevate the essence of the true modern man: thus the beginnings of the company.

Alfred Lane combines creative energy, technical expertise and an undying passion for quality in order to create products for the modern man. Handcrafted in America, Rafael believes in the power and ingenuity of small business.  

Independent retailers and their customers love Alfred Lane’s attention to detail, unique packaging and careful craftsmanship of their solid colognes, fragrance oils and candles.

Alfred Lane started with solid colognes — which are not a new concept and have been used since Egyptian times. We now have expanded into fragrance oils and candles using the same scents that Alfred Lane customers have come to know and love. The names came to life by envisioning the way a man would feel by experiencing these fragrances as they take on their empowering meaning and essence. 

We think of Alfred Lane as more than lifestyle products but rather the ideals of the modern, versatile and pragmatic man.